Cool-Kidz er en naturlig og kvalitetsbevidst badeserie til dig og dine børn. Alle vores unikke produkter er udviklet med en betingelsesløs kærlighed til vores børn, samt en kompromisløs ambition om at skabe den komplette badeoplevelse for dig, der kun ønsker at forkæle dit barn med det reneste fra naturen.

Vores koncept karakteriseres særligt ved vores dybe passion for at producere og levere de reneste produkter til dit barn. Troværdighed og gennemskuelighed er, foruden en stor portion kærlighed, blandt ingredienserne i alle vores produkter.

Essensen i Cool-Kidz’ filosofi, er skabt ud fra vores ambition om at give barnet en glad badeoplevelse, der samtidig efterlader dig, som forælder, med en ren samvittighed. Derfor er vores Banan Shampoo, Jordbær Shampoo, Ananas Shampoo, Neutral Tryllevask, Kirsebær Badeolie, Tuttifrutti Tryllecreme, Neutral Kropsolie, Fersken Balsam FRI for parabener, farvestoffer, kunstig parfume, silikoner, PEGs, SLS, lanolin, æteriske olier og hormonforstyrrende stoffer.

Vores Krible Krable Shampoo er FRI for parabener, farvestoffer, silikoner, PEGs, SLS, lanolin.

Aromaduftene i vores Banan Shampoo, Jordbær Shampoo, Ananas Shampoo, Kirsebær Badeolie, Tuttifrutti Tryllecreme, Fersken Balsam er levnedsmiddelgodkendte og anvendes bl.a. også til fremstillingen af slik og vitaminpiller.

Alle vores produkter er 100% dansk produceret.


Cool-Kidz is a natural and quality conscious bathing series for you and your children. All our unique products are developed, with an unconditional love for our children, and an uncompromising vision of creating the complete bathing experience for those who only want to treat your child with the purest of nature. 

Our concept is characterized by our deep passion for producing and delivering the cleanest products for your child. Credibility and transparency, in addition to a great deal of love, are the ingredients in all our products.

The essence of Cool-Kidz’ philosophy is borne out of our ambition to give the child a happy bathing experience that also leaves you, as a parent, with a clean conscience. Therefore, all our products are also free of parabens, dyes, artificial fragrances, silicones, PEGs, SLS, lanolin and endocrine disrupters.

Aromaduftene our products are food grade and is used Also for the preparation of sweets and vitamin tablets.

All our products are 100% Danish produced.

Our company is founded in 2010 by Louise. Our brand and identity is based on a need for a non allgergic shampoo caused by the fact that Louise suffers from different types of allergic reactions. Louise had to give up her work as a hairdresser because she couldn’t handle all the products with perfume, silicones, parabenes and ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. The fact that Louise couldn’t use common products was one the essentiels for starting Cool-Kidz. Her perfume allergy became worse after the birth of her second child and is now a part of her daily life even though she is challenged everytime she is exposed to perfume. Her allergy combined with the worrying tendency regarding kids developing allergies more than ever before at low ages is the main reason for Cool-Kidz’ existence. Louise thought the market for kids care products was in lack of high quality products appealing to kids. At first she wanted to create a shampoo for her own kids and that is how it all started. Her own allergy combined with a proffessionel team of experts at our producer made the perfect match for making gentle and allergy friendly product. Her own allergy has been a big part of the idea behind our brands excistence. The first product made was the basic shampoo. But Louise thought it was not appealing to kids at this point. It was too borring. Then she had the idea to add strawberry aroma to the basic shampoo. The exact same aroma that gives strawberry candy it’s flavour for example. In other words an eatable flavour. In this way the basic shampoo became a delicious strawberry shampoo. Louise could use the shampoo and her kids loved the fresh and cool shampoo with the scent of strawberry. Our company is family owned and everybody takes part in running it and we all love our work because we benefit with all our different strengthnes which brings us together as a cool unit. All our products are made with a unconditional love to our own children and thats our passion.